"We aim to make home delivery easy."

Ivo Ivanov

Founder of Xpert Delivery

It all started as a self-employed business back in 2014. After putting lot of passion and hard work behind the wheel and at the office, we achieved some good results. We decided that it is time to incorporate a business, and this is when XPERT Delivery was born.


At present, we deliver to 95% of the UK. We cover our areas a minimum of once per week. We are currently developing all the tools needed, to scale our business up. We have been expanding with a 60% rate year by year and will do our best to keeping the pace in the future.


We are keen on technology, and we believe that this is our key to success. That's why we are heavily investing in IT. There are some great opportunities ahead: routes can be calculated and executed autonomously, effortless booking and interacting with our enterprise system, making changes instantly 24/7, to name a few.

Office Team

Our focus is on home deliveries and we take it seriously! That's why we have outsourced our office staff. This way, we can scale up or down when needed so we can answer your inquiries at any time without the overhead of hiring and firing team members.


Jamie Shelton

Customer Care Manager
Experience:5 years

Lidia D

Sales Manager
Experience:3 years

Tanya V

Customer Support Manager
Experience:8 years


Managing a fleet is another business, so we rely on sub-contractors to deliver. You shouldn't worry about that though, as we put considerable time in training every guy we work with, to make sure that everyone meets XPERT Delivery's service standards.


Sisco Georgieff

Chief Operating Officer
Experience:5 years

Eleonora Fauzer

Office Manager
Experience:7 years

Wiktor Kliszka

Warehouse Manager
Experience:6 years

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If you are still looking for more information then you can contact us at office@xpertdelivery.co.uk or call us on 01214 68 09 08