3 Ways to Transport Large Items

Posted on July 26, 2021

3 Ways to Transport Large Items

Although large items are not the thing you’d want to ship daily, there may still come a time, when you need to get a large item delivered to you, or you may be the one that has to send it. This is particularly true if you use Ebay as a buying/selling platform, where many times people don’t account for a courier.

Today we have 3 ways for you, through which you can ship large items. We will list the pros and cons of each, so you can make an educated decision. Keep in mind that hiring a professional ebay furniture courier is usually your best bet. But let us not talk vainly. Here are the options to consider for your large item delivery needs.

Conventional Courier Services

You all know them. These are the services you use to ship small items, documents, light packages, and so on. They do provide great services when it comes to smaller items, but sadly, their large item delivery rates aren’t that great. Sure, they will get the job done and will deliver the item on time, but you will have to pay big. Sometimes a delivery can end up costing more than the large item itself. This is often the case with used furniture – you can find a great bargain online, but when you factor in the delivery cost, you realize it doesn’t fit your budget.

Pros: Great quality of service, large network of offices

Cons: Pricey, usually don’t deliver in a given timeframe, no shipping on weekends

Moving Services

For many people this may seem a bit of an odd choice. Why would you hire a moving company to transport a single large item? Well, although not all companies would agree to this, there are a number of companies out there, which are used to having smaller jobs. Although it isn’t a great option for just a single item, if you want to ship two or three items, a moving company can work for you. However, the one thing that is a real problem is the scheduling. Most moving companies won’t take you as priority and you can’t book a service for the next day or so. Also the prices may not suit you, as they heavily depend on what the mover would want to charge you.

Pros: Utility that is built to transport heavy and large items

Cons: Price may be an issue, hard to schedule, not all moving companies will agree to such a thing

Large Item Courier Services

These is a kind of service that isn’t that well-known, but all the people that know it, understand how great it is. These services are specifically tailored for large and bulky items, as their whole business model depends on it. XPERT Delivery is one such company and we provide many benefits for our clients. Our prices are excellent, but we also provide a level of convenience that not a lot of companies can match. We work outside business hours and on the weekends. Our services are tailored to meet your large item delivery needs.

Pros: Excellent price, unmatched convenience, flexibility of service, great quality

Cons: Won’t work for small items, not as well-known as traditional couriers


So here you go, three ways through which you can ship your large items. You can’t really go wrong with any of them, provided you don’t care for the price and convenience of the last.