5 reasons why you should hire furniture delivery specialists

Posted on July 05, 2021

5 reasons why you should hire furniture delivery specialists

Buying new furniture is always exciting. So many options to choose from and so many possibilities to make your home even more cozy and special. That is, until it’s time to get the furniture delivered to your house (or office) and deal with all of the heavy lifting both figuratively and literally.

Then there’s the question of dealing with the seller, logistics and so many known and unknown details that will pop up as the process advances. Happily, there is an alternative. You can hire furniture delivery specialists who can take care of everything. Here are five reasons why you should hire such professionals.

They have the needed vehicles

Buying a new sofa is great, but it’s also quite big. It won’t fit in your family hatchback. Furniture delivery specialists have a range of vehicles with different sizes and capabilities, so they can take a suitable one as needed. You will help them out by giving them the dimensions and weight of the item. Having a suitable van or lorry will ensure the proper and safe transportation of your new furniture with minimal risk for the items.

They have the tools and equipment needed

Delivering furniture is more than simply throwing the sofa in the back of the lorry. Professionals know that, so they will use high quality bubble wrap to protect your item during transport. If any parts have to be removed during shipping, the specialists will have the tools needed to get the job done properly. They may also use additional dollies, ropes or other equipment as needed to get your new furniture to its exact place.

They have the manpower

More often than not furniture items are big, heavy and difficult to handle. Furniture delivery specialists are prepared for that. Firms offer additional manpower to make sure all items will be delivered safely. This can be an especially helpful service if you have ordered more than one item from the same seller or have bought something very heavy.

They have insurance

It would be very unfortunate to order a new dining table or an expensive sofa only for something to happen to them during transport and you lose out on both the item and your money, right? This is exactly what will happen is you transport the items yourself with a personal vehicle and there’s an accident. Professional services have insurance for that very reason and at lest you won’t be out of pocket.

They have the experience

With any process, there’s always things than can happen without notice. Maybe the seller will try and deny a refund and a return of a damaged item claiming it happened during transportation. Or there’s a challenging bend that you have no idea how to move the furniture around to get it in place. Whatever the challenge, be sure that the specialists have the experience to handle it.

So, where to find those experts? If you’re in England and parts of Scotland then you can give XPERT Delivery a call. They will make sure your furniture delivery is hassle-free and a pleasant experience.