How to get realistic quotes for furniture delivery services

Posted on September 13, 2021

How to get realistic quotes for furniture delivery services

If you’re buying furniture, you know that private sellers and even a lot of stores leave the customer to figure out the deliver by themselves. If you don’t have the means to transport the item yourself, you will rely on furniture delivery specialists. There are plenty of such companies out there, so how to get the best deal?

It’s all about communication. If you want to get realistic quotes for furniture delivery services, then you have to be as detailed as possible. Here are a few tips on how to make this communication easy and to benefit both the couriers and you, the customer.

Establishing the connection

These days all respectable courier services will have a detailed website. There they will show off their services. So, look for companies that have noted that they offer large item and/or furniture delivery services. This will save you time by not contacting companies that aren’t relevant to your needs.

Also note the regions in which the company in question offers deliveries. Some also could include basic rates, but almost all will also have a form or a way to contact them for a quote, depending on your specific case.

Give details

In most cases, the way to get that quote is by filling a contact form. Now is the time to be very specific.

Obviously, you will include the locations for both picking up the goods and where to deliver them to. But also describe the type of items, for example a dining table. Also give dimensions, weight and other specific details as needed.

Be sure to note if the item is fragile, needing special care during transport and so on. For expensive items it’s also good to ask about insurance.

Also, add photos of the items if possible. This will be of great help for the couriers to plan the type of vehicle needed and what other items will they be able to load up. That’s important for route planning and can impact the overall costs. Photos are also a good way to document the condition of the item before transport. This way both you and the couriers will have an easier time to know if an item is damaged during delivery or some other time.

Another detail is to add whether the items will be packaged in a case, bubble-wrapped or not protected. Also note if one man will be enough or a two-man team is needed. Don’t forget to add if the locations have lifts or whether or not there are other challenges for getting the furniture to and from the van or lorry.

All of this can reflect the price and it is better if the couriers know these details in advance, so they plan and prepare accordingly. Otherwise, if they are “surprised” during the actual delivery, the additional services can be more expensive as it will cost more time.

Don’t forget the timeframe

Of course, you will include the dates for pickup and expected delivery. But try to also be specific here and as early as possible. Yes, companies often offer express deliveries, but they tend to be more expensive. If you book the service a few days in advance, then chances are higher for you to get a lower price.

Do note if you need specific pickup and/or delivery hours, too. This is vital for route planning and will reflect the offer you get.

Also, be patient. Yes, it’s always very tempting to have your new items delivered as soon as possible. You can get that if you book an express delivery. But if you want to save some cash, then plan ahead and give couriers time to examine your case and give you an offer. In some cases this could take about 24 hours or so. Most couriers will try to give you a quote much faster than that.

And that’s about it. Simply don’t forget the small details when you describe your inquiry as usually it’s because of them if an offer for furniture delivery will be higher and lower and thus realistic. Thanks to that you will save money and possible headaches without worrying that the actual price will end up being substantially different than the quote.