How to move your furniture safer and easier

Posted on June 16, 2021

How to move your furniture safer and easier

Moving and rearranging furniture is one of the cheapest ways to give your home a newer look and feel. It can also be required when you have bought a new sofa or another piece of furniture to add to your interior décor. Whatever the reason, moving furniture can be a challenge and it is best if you prepare for it properly.

Start with making a plan and setting your goals. Why are you going to move your furniture? Are you going to place them back where they were or are you changing their places for good? Are you awaiting new furniture delivery and you need space to maneuver the items or will you be doing renovations? When you have that sorted you can move on to the actual process.

Make a plan

Knowing your goals will help you make a proper plan for achieving them. This would include everything from planning out the steps, equipment and so on to scheduling everything according to a timetable. For example when you await your furniture delivery. If you rely on professionals for the delivery, you should also include them in your plan and talk with the service provider about any potential challenges or requests you have.

Your plan should also feature a to-do list. Note the steps you have to do, in order to feel prepared and confident when you actually start the process. It may seem tedious while you prepare, but it will pay off and you will discover many steps or ideas that you can use or aren’t needed in your particular case.

Trace the routes

It’s also very important to set aside some time to research the routes in the house and around it. This means to review how the furniture will get to their new places. You will discover if you need to move other pieces of furniture. Oh, and also don’t forget to check if what you’re going to move actually fits through doors, lifts, stairwells and so on.

This is a very important step as you may need to figure out alternate routes or see if you can dismantle at least parts of the furniture items. Knowing the route will also help you figure out what extra equipment you need.

Will you need extra equipment?

Moving furniture almost always requires at least some basic equipment. This may be gloves for safer handling of the furniture, basic tools for dismantling parts and so on. But you also may need to buy or rent special tools like dollies for easier movement of big and heavy furniture. You may also need ropes or tape to keep doors and other moveable items secure during the movement.

Other equipment can include plastic wraps or blankets to cover the furniture with and minimize the risk of scratches or other damage during movement. There are also special straps which make it easier to lift and carry heavier items. There are plenty of options out there and the exact choices will depend on the types of furniture you’re going to be moving. So set aside enough time to research and choose the right equipment.

Can you take parts off?

It may seem obvious, but sometimes we always forget the simplest of things. Like removing the drawers of the cabinet which we are going to move. Or taking off the doors of a wardrobe or maybe even fully dismantling it if that’s possible.

Of course, also remove any items you may be storing inside the said furniture. This will make the furniture piece lighter and lower the risk of damage or injuries. If may seem counterintuitive, but also remove the feet or castors of big items like sofas. They may cause quite the hassle if you have to maneuver the furniture through a door.

Professional help

If you have to move way too much or too heavy furniture, it may be best to rely on professional help. Skilled movers will have all the needed equipment and experience to tackle every challenge and preserve your furniture.

Skilled professionals will make sure your furniture delivery goes smooth and without hassle. They will also help you with all of the additional challenges and keep everyone involved safe.