The keys to successful furniture delivery

Posted on October 25, 2021

The keys to successful furniture delivery

Buying furniture is great, but there’s one big issue for most people – transporting the items from the seller to your home or office. This can be quite the process, but we are here to help you out by giving you’re the keys to a successful furniture delivery.

In order to do that, you need to know a few simple things and make sure you make the necessary steps to prepare. Success is about preparation and minding the details. So, let’s check the basics.

Choosing the right courier

This is obviously a very important step. When you have to transport large and heavy items like furniture for example, you need a courier service that specializes in this area. They will have the needed vehicles, equipment and experience to handle such cargo. The right furniture courier will make sure your shipment is taken care of properly during the entire process.

Asking the right questions

You need to inform yourself and the courier about the specifics of your shipment. Most will provide you with a quick quote for the basic services, but the final offer can change depending on the specifics. For example the start and ending destinations of the transported goods. Some couriers may not operate in specific regions or it may cost more.

Next, inquire about possible specifics about the size and weight of your furniture. If you’re going to transport something more expensive, you may also ask about additional insurance.

Also don’t forget to setup the dates for the furniture pickup and arrival. Some furniture couriers offer express bookings which are a bit more expensive, but you will get your goods sooner. And for some it’s also possible to schedule a pickup and/or delivery for a specific hour. Long story short, ask the couriers everything that you need taken care of or are not sure about, so that they can provide you with the service you expect. This includes additional steps to prepare. Speaking of which…

Preparing for the couriers

Right, you’ve booked your furniture courier. Great. Now, you have to prepare for their arrival. Naturally, there are two sides of this coin:

If you send furniture

If you’re the seller or simply send the furniture from one place to another, you have to consider a few things in preparation for the couriers. The first would be how big and heavy is the item and if a two-man delivery team would be needed. Also, note the route that the furniture will have to take from its current place to get to the couriers’ van or lorry. You may have to move some things around to help out the couriers.

Next, again depending on the type of furniture, you may want to disassemble parts of it. For example to take out any movable shelves. Or you may want to secure any doors or drawers from opening. Some couriers also provide professional-grade bubble wrap to secure the goods, but not all. So, also ask about that before your furniture delivery.

If you await furniture delivery

In this case your tasks are simpler. Basically you have to see if the route from the van to the final place of the furniture is blocked by other items. Naturally, make the appropriate moves or changes to make the life of the couriers easier.

And that’s about it. Then simply be present at the location of the arrival in accordance with the arranged time. That’s all there is to a successful furniture delivery.