The most neglected action when preparing for a furniture delivery

Posted on August 24, 2021

The most neglected action when preparing for a furniture delivery

Did you just order a new sofa or maybe a big cabinet to display your collection? Congratulations. But, while you await your new furniture delivery, why not take some simple steps to prepare? There’s one thing that many people neglect when they are getting ready for their new item to arrive.

What’s that? Measuring. Yes, we do measure the space where we will put the new piece, but what about getting it there? “Oh, we will make it work”, is one of the most often said phrase before we realize the issues when the furniture arrives.

So, here’s how to prepare for a successful furniture delivery

We assume that you already know the measurements of the item you’re awaiting. And that you know it will fit nicely in the place you have decided. But what about getting it from the lorry to that spot?

This is why you have to plan the route from the van to the final spot of your new furniture. And measure everything. So, get yourself a long measuring tape and let’s get going.

First, start by measuring the doors. Both the frame – height and width, but also the entry point, ie, how much space there is when you open the door. Often you can’t open the door fully, so the space behind might not be enough. See if you can “make it work” or if you have to move additional furniture to make enough room.

Next, measure the width of the halls, lifts (if any), stairs and so on. Trace the entire route and see if your new furniture will pass comfortably. Plan for a bit of extra room for the people and for maneuvering. You already have a good idea of the furniture you’re awaiting and whether or not you can disassemble parts of it or not. Keep that in mind, as many sofas have to be moved in one piece and as a result, that can make you change the path.

Do you know what you have to do on the day of the furniture delivery? Yes, that’s right. Measure. Again. Measure the furniture (at the widest point) and the obstacles and widths of the path to verify that everything will go as planned. If not, make appropriate changes to the route. Your goal is to avoid having carried the furniture up to a a point that turns out it’s not passable.

Don’t forget to keep in mind small objects like light fixtures, decorations, door handles, railings and so on. Very often it happens that one such small item can become an obstacle that does not allow for the furniture to pass. In this case, make sure you have tools on hand to dismantle these objects and then reassemble them.

Keeping these simple tips in mind, can make your furniture delivery go smoothly and save you a lot of time and effort. This way you will enjoy your new pieces much sooner and will also make the task of the couriers simpler.