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eBay is a great place to find bargains and a lot of cool stuff for decent prices. Delivering these goods, like furniture or other heavy and bulky items, can be a challenge. Most sellers, especially private ones, leave the customers to choose how to get the items and handle the transportation by themselves. If bought something on eBay and now need a way to transport it, don’t worry. This can be very easy when you hire the right eBay furniture courier like our special service by Xpert Delivery.

We provide eBay courier delivery services

Here are some of the things we offer

eBay Furniture Courier
Pickup and delivery of your new purchases
Large item delivery
Furniture, appliances or other goods, we have more than 8 years of experience handling them
Large item returns
Sometimes you have to return a new purchase, we can make that happen with ease
Express delivery
Can’t wait? Book a special express delivery of your items
Two-man collection & delivery
Ideal for large and/or heavy and bulky items
Competitive prices
Simply contact us to get a free quote

eBay furniture courier services

Save time and money by hiring professionals

Big leather sofa

Furniture delivery requires special skills

Transporting furniture and large appliances is quite the challenge. It requires special skills and patient couriers as each item has to be handled with care. This is why many couriers stray away from this service. Not Xpert Delivery. We have more than 8 years of experience delivering large, bulky and heavy items. And we have a special service for furniture delivery. This includes making sure each item is protected with professional-grade bubble wrap, handling each piece with care and ensuring it will arrive to your home in perfect condition.

Our couriers are trained to handle furniture properly and have all the skills needed. Best part? You don’t have to pay large fees to get these professional services. Our rates are competitive and allow you to mix-and-match different additional extras like express delivery, two-man collection and other offers to your liking. Simply contact us for a free quote.

eBay Item Delivery

eBay Courier Delivery professionals

We built on our large item transporting skills and teamed it with our eBay courier delivery service. The result is a professional service which throughout the years has built vast experience dealing with eBay sellers. So, our team will help you out with the entire process of getting to the seller, picking up your purchase and then delivering it to your home or office. Simple and time-saving for you and all you have to do is complete your order on eBay and contact us. If you sell large items on eBay, you can also use our services to get the items to your customers.

Our eBay Courier Delivery service focuses on large items and furniture. That’s because for small parcels usually transportation and handling is easy. The real challenge is handling the heavy and bulky items and we thrive in challenges. Xpert Delivery will take care of the process, the proper handling of your purchase and you will know it will arrive on time and in top condition.

Great communication. Let us know by text and phone that they would be delayed. Great delivery guys."

Andrea McAdam

Great communication. Let us know by text and phone that they would be delayed. Great delivery guys."

Andrea McAdam

Great communication. Let us know by text and phone that they would be delayed. Great delivery guys."

Andrea McAdam