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How it Works?

1Make a Booking

1Make a Booking

Tell us what you need collected & delivered
Choose extra options
Provide collection & delivery details
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We send a date & time frame to the seller
Seller accepts or declines if not convenient
The item is prepared for transportation
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We send you a date & time frame
You accept or decline if not convenient
You receive your goods
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Help Us to Help Yourself

Be accurate when booking

Be Accurate When Booking

Be as accurate as possible when making a booking. We understand that you might not be able to estimate volume and weight correctly, so we can accept rough estimates. However, if you are giving us significantly incorrect details, we reserve the right to recalculate our fees and put on extra charges.

Extra Shipping Options

Extra Delivery Options

We offer a range of options to help you have a seamless and stress-free experience. Consider including professional packing & protection service, a two-man team to collect and deliver your item or any other suitable option for your particular delivery.

Specific Delivery Requirements

Specific Requirements

Be sure to let us know of any instructions or specific date & time frames and limitations you might have so that we can try and fit around them.

parcel sent on time

Make Yourself Available

Once we send you a time slot, try to make yourself available. We are not doing the same routes every day, so our next run in your area might be in several days.

Prepare goods for transportation

Prepare The Goods for Transportation

Once our courier arrives, he will be happy to see empty, packed & protected items, waiting next to the door, if possible.

Get ready for delivery

Get Ready for Delivery

Make a plan of how the goods will be moved around and make space if needed. Our courier runs on a tight schedule, so he is not able to spend too much time helping you.

Item Rejection List

Our drivers are allowed to refuse to provide the service if one of the numbered bellow apply:

1. Goods heavier than 100kg and items that require more than 2 people to lift will not be transported.

Heavy stove
Heavy refrigerators

2. Items containing more then 10 pieces and are not appropriately packed or protected will not be transported.

Many parts
Many boxed items

3. Motorcycles, motopeds, scooters will not be transported.

Light motorcycle frame
Electric wheelchair

4. Real firearms, paintball or airsoft guns must be packed in proper cases.

Paintball gun
Airsoft rifle in case

5. Gas bottles or petrol-powered tools will not be transported.

Gas bottles
Gas-powered gardening tools

6. Unframed and gas pressured glass will not transported.

Gas pressured window frame
Gas pressured windows
Framed windows

7. Vehicle chassis, canopies or trailers will not transported.

Car chassis
Front car bumper

8. Goods longer than 3.6 meters will not be transported.

Large furniture

9. Goods on a pallet will not be transported.


For any questions you can always contact us at

Top Questions From Customers

How soon will my goods be collected?

Usually, it takes from 2 to 7 days to arrange a collection with the pick-up party depending on the area and their availability.

Once collected, when will I receive my goods?

It usually takes 3 to 7 days to deliver the goods, again depending on the area and your availability.

What will happen if I decline the slot provided for collection/delivery?

We will provide another slot for the next available date, but please keep in mind that this can lead to a delay in your collection and delivery.

What communication should I expect from you regarding my delivery?

We try to keep our customers updated as much as possible. So expect to get status update via email and text for every change on your order.

How can I track my delivery order?

After you book your delivery, you will receive an email with a tracking tag and a link from where you can track your delivery order.

Do I need to pack my item?

We strongly recommend packing and preparing item(s) for transportation. That will avoid damage during transit. If not packed and protected, we can still proceed, but the goods will not be covered by our insurance.

How can I pay for my delivery order?

You can pay cash on collection / delivery or via PayPal / BACS before delivery.

Can I add more items to my order or can I book an additional collection?

We will be happy to help you. Please contact our staff. A team member will provide you with additional information and price accordingly.

I need to book a specific date for collection or delivery, how can I do that?

If your delivery requires a specific date, please arrange by contacting a member of our staff.

If you are still looking for more information, please contact us at